A Quality Christian Elementary School Education At An Affordable Cost

Grace Covenant Baptist Academy Elementary School was begun in 2010 to offer families in the Knoxville TN and surrounding counties with the opportunity to provide their children with a quality Christian education at an affordable cost.


Students are greeted each day by friendly faces and a safe and peaceful learning environment, inviting them to explore the many learning opportunities offered through Grace Covenant Baptist Academy. Our goal is to become an extension of your family, providing a holistic learning approach for all students.


Grace Covenant Baptist Academy is staffed by Christian teachers who hold teaching licenses through the state of Tennessee and graduate degrees from accredited universities and colleges. Teachers become a valuable role model for students as they are with the teacher or teacher’s for a major portion of each day. In our Christian school, our teachers not only teach, but demonstrate a lifestyle of faith, morality and ethics.

Prioritizing Personal Growth: The Unique Strengths of Christian Education with A Beka Book Curriculum

The value of most Christian schools is a lower teacher-pupil ratio than those in public schools. This promotes increased learning opportunities for students as he or she receives more individualized instruction. This is of tremendous asset of Christian education for students both personally and educationally.


The educational approach is founded on biblical principles that address the nature of the learner and learning, the nature of truth and authority, and what is important to learn and know.


GCBA Elementary School utilizes exclusively the A Beka Book curriculum in all of its classes. A Beka Book textbooks, curriculum, and materials are based on results from reliable studies for traditional best practices (as opposed to a theoretical, experimental approach) and are validated by the measured success of thousands of students over decades of time.


All fees are per student and non-refundable

  • Annual Enrollment Fee: $100.00
  • Annual Textbooks / Materials Fee: $250.00
  • Annual Technology Fee: $50.00


  • Annual Tuition w/o After School (5 days per week): $400.00 monthly (Grades K-5, 10-month billing cycle, August thru May)
  • Annual Tuition w/ After School (5 days per week): $550.00 monthly (Grades K-5, 10-month billing cycle, August thru May)



Openings for 3, 4 & 5 year olds are available at this time! Call today! 865-690-3681