Sonny & Jennifer

When Covid hit back in 2020 and there was uncertainty about whether school would remain in session, it was a straightforward decision for us to enroll our son in Grace Covenant Baptist Academy for third grade.


We have had a long-standing connection with the Smiths, Debbie and Alan, dating back to when my daughter, who is now 24 years old, was only three years old. Her educational journey began at Noah’s Ark, which later transformed into Grace Covenant School. From the age of three until she reached school age, she attended this institution. She also participated in the afterschool program and spent every summer there until she turned 12.


Likewise, our 12-year-old son began his association with the school when he was four. Starting with preschool, he then continued with the after-school program and participated in their summer camp. Although he attended public school for three years, the circumstances brought on by Covid altered our plans. What was initially intended to be a one-year arrangement extended to three years, encompassing his completion of 5th grade.


During his time at Grace Covenant, our son experienced not only academic growth but also spiritual development. He excelled in various subjects and formed enduring friendships. One of the typical concerns when considering private schools is the cost, but Grace Covenant’s tuition proved to be reasonable. Additionally, the small classroom sizes ensured ample personalized attention and assistance.


Our satisfaction with the three years our son spent at the school is immense. The institution’s atmosphere exudes a strong sense of family orientation. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the growth of Debbie and Alan’s daughters, from their marriages to becoming parents themselves, just as they have observed the milestones in our family. This sense of interconnectedness led us to feel like a part of this extended family. Looking back on the past two decades, I am eternally grateful for the enriching experiences and relationships we’ve cultivated within this community.